Friday, 28 October 2011

Aww - Felix is a Schoolie...

Or at least he gets to play one every now and again!

Today Felix gave a little walk/trot lesson to my friend Heather's kid, Sarah.  Sarah has ridden on and off since she was a little little girl, and being as her parents are pretty sick right now and she wanted to go riding I figured it was time Felix got tested out with a kid (ok, tween I guess!).

All in all, I'm pretty impressed.  He put up with a bit of floppyness on the part of his rider, but he's difficult enough that she can learn things in a nice, safe way.

Here's some pics of him with his little rider, now that I have permission to post:

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  1. How sweet! I wish my mare had the temperament to do that. I can't even let my cousin who's been in lessons for over 4 years on her back. Ah well...