Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lots of goings on this week.

Felix and I trailered out for another ride on Monday - we had a blast. Great day, great horses.  The only interesting moment was when we were going through a swampy area and Rio who is supposed to be a fearless leader decided that the very large snapping turtle crossing the trail was a big scary dinosaur and she spent the rest of the day very concerned there would be another scary scary turtle lurking in wait for her!

He had a lesson with Shauna on Tuesday, and we worked on some jumping of crossrails yesterday.  He's been such a star lately I'm finding it rough to find things to talk about. When I first started this blog - being as he was a pretty rank little dude when I got him I was expecting to have a lot more training hurdles to overcome, which might have made for an interesting read.  Not that I'm not thrilled that he has come along so well, because believe me - I am.  We're actually looking very good for hsi eventing debut in the spring the way things are going right now.

However, we can't speak too soon - because we are coming to our last 2 days of paid training, and he'll be mostly mine and Connie's from here on out.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

First long trail ride!

Yesterday Felix, myself, Heather and Rio trailered out to a nearby forest for a trail ride day.

Both horses are rather young, but Rio has been out on her own a few times and has proven to be very steady, so she was our fearless leader for the day.  They both got on the trailer with no drama at all, and we arrived at the forest 20 minutes later without incident.  Felix was absolutely drenched in sweat coming off the trailer - no great surprise considering he'd only ever been trailered twice before, and both of those for long-haul moves, so I can't blame him for being nervous and concerned.

Tacked up, no problems - he was a little more wound up, but no worse then riding him outside at the farm. Crossed the train tracks without a flick of an ear, and away we went.  He was a little joggy, being as he has short legs and Rio is huge, so he didn't want to be left behind!   Crossed the water, ate some grass on the move (I want to try him in a hackamore so he can eat on the go for long rides like this), watched Heather's Jack Russel run through the forest and pop back onto the trails.   It was like he'd been doing this all his life.  I started the day putting on my crash vest "just in case" and ended it mosying along the trail with my feet out of the stirrups and him on the buckle.  Now he's redeemed himself as being worth the money I've put into him so far!

End of the day we got right back on the trailer without a hitch, and made it home before the rain started. Fantastic day, I'm thrilled!  Can't wait the Pinto Club trail ride on the 2nd! (Yes, Felix is an honorary Pinto now - lol).

Today, my back muscles hurt like CRAZY.  Don't ever take a year off riding, you'll regret it later.  This is the part where I learn that "core" muscles really does mean back too, and it's not really my abs I need to work on (accepting suggestions of good back excersizes!).

Monday, 19 September 2011

Fun with Clippers

I've been away, so not many updates - however I did make it out to ride the last 2 days.  Felix is going very nicely, I've even been doing some canter work, which while unballanced is coming along.

He was a total star on Sunday in the isle with 3 little lesson girls mauling him and giving treats, he seems to like kids quite well, so maybe I'll have to find him his very own kid down the road. 

After our ride tonight I needed to give him a bridle path, and clean up his throatlatch.  I was feeling creating, so Felix now has Piano Mane!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Long weekend - No riding for me

But lots for Felix!!

I took my sister and her sister-in-law out to meet him, they're not horsey, but think he's cute anyways.
However, both Connie and Devan rode him today, and he was a good boy for both of them. 

I absolutely must get in shape so I can ride properly when I am home.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Happy September!

We've had an interesting couple of days.   Felix had 4 days off over the past weekend due to a schooling show at the barn while I was away working.  I came home Wednesday, and decided that it might be a good time to try longing before riding.

Going to the left, he was a total pro.  Went to turn around and the desaster began.  He just did not know what the heck I wanted, so was just going into an eternal turn on the forehand.  Finally after about 5 minutes of this, he was just getting upset and I could not work out how to properly communicate that I wanted him to go to the right exactly the same as the other way. At this point I put him back out to the left, and ended when he was good there.  I did get on for a few minutes of walk - but the flies were super awful, so we gave up.

Today I got my friend Connie out to meet him.  She is totally in love, and will probably be riding him consistently for me.  She spent a lot of time in the H/J world, and would like to try out some dressage and eventing.  I want her as my rider to show off Felix to his full potential in the Sport Pony Star-Search classes that the NASPR puts on.  Connie looks very esthetic up there, so I feel like I should have a rider like her who can show him off.

One day I am going to have to get a super snazzy camera for the action shots of him!