Thursday, 3 November 2011

Lesson report, Etc.

Lesson went well yesterday. All in all, my coach likes Felix, and thinks he's a good type for me because he's not super forward, nor super sensitive in the mouth.

A lot of our homework is in regards to me and my poition - I need to do a lot of two-point and stop crossing my inside hand over his neck when steering, which has been a problem for me for years.

As for Felix - he's going to be doing a lot more leg-yelding work in both walk and trot, and trying for more and better bend on circles.

Today Connie and I rode this morning, and she did a bit of jumping. Here is a short video.


  1. He's really coming along well, eh?

  2. He's doing fantastic! I had the 11 year old on him bareback tonight :)