Monday, 20 February 2012

Moved without a hitch

And Felix is settling into our new barn well.  He's been there for about 4 days, and is starting to calm down.

We're having to go back to scratch as far as standing to be tacked up, as the new barn has crossties which he'd only ever been on once before.  So far I am thrilled with the new place, I get to see my coach nearly every day, and the care couldn't be better.

Yesterday I got a call that he had a swollen shut and runny eye.  I went out to take a look, and couldn't really see a cause of the swelling myself.  The vet came out this morning, and we have a diagnosis of conjuctivitis, with instructions to ointment it with BNP and have him wear a fly mask with something to block the sun for a week.

The only good thing about the eye thing is that it did not happen at the old barn, as it would have likely gone entirely unnoticed.

Sandy will be starting to ride him this week while I'm away working, so hopefully he'll learn some things from her by the time I'm fully healed and back to riding as usual!

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