Tuesday, 8 May 2012

PSA - now in bumper sticker form!

Going into spring, there are often car/rider accidents. This year was a particularly bad one, ending in the death of both horse and rider in our area.

I know when I'm in traffic, I get bored - so I read people's bumper stickers.  I now know my other motorists have an honour student, golden retrievers, and often their political leanings.  So, time for all of the riders out there to get the word out - by putting one of these on their bumper!

As you can imagine, this is specifically for my area, however if this takes off I'd be willing to do graphics for other areas. Just got 100 printed, hope they get snapped up right away!


  1. If you have any left over, I know a bunch of people who road ride regularly (myself included) that would love one.

    My friend and I used to frequently wish more people were aware of the fact that it is actually ILLEGAL to engage in dangerous driving around horses on a road, as motorcyclists, Jeeps, SUVs, sports cars, etc. roared past us on our quiet country road. Anything to get the word out!

  2. I definitely still have some (about 45 left). $2 each. email me at renee@thunderstar.net for more details and payment arrangements.