Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Great ride today!

Felix got 4 days off this week because I just didn't want to go out in the rain/snow/wind.  Today was at least sunny, though still windy so I made the trek out.

We started off with a nice warm up on the longe line just because it was still windy enough to sound like we had low-flying jets coming over constantly.  His longing has been something we've been trying to improve over the winter.  He's usually a get on and ride kinda guy, so this is something that was overlooked in his early training - but it's actually going very nicely.  I was able to move to every corner of the arena without him getting confused and turning around, which is real progress.

Then I got on, where he went nice and round W/T and had some very good moments in canter.  It looks like I'll just be riding my dressage tests in sitting trot to get the best out of him.  We even tried a little bit of shoulder in that I'm afraid may have looked a lot more like neck-in from the ground, but there were some good steps in there.

I think Felix will just have to always go in an AP saddle for all phases.  The dressage saddle I bought last year just makes everything about our rides go completely downhill - so unless I find one of the elusive 18" short flap saddles that will work for him and I, I'll just stick to the one I've got.

We're also shedding out like crazy finally.  I was a bit worried when every other horse in the barn was blowing their coat and Felix was just sitting there like a big fuzzy teddy bear, but now he's shedding everywhere.  The official shed hair trashbag at the barn is about 1/4 everyone else's coat, and 3/4 Felix right now. 


  1. I got a bit worried when my Haflinger wasn't shedding when all the other horses where. . .but it is in full force now!

    1. No kidding - brain immediately goes over to "gee, I hope the fat pony is not insulin resistant!"

    2. Right! I know nothing about Fjords, but Haflingers are prone to that, so I have been know to have mini freak outs, lol.