Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I rode today, and Felix Cantered!

Today I actually got a chance to ride Felix. He's a very lazy little guy, but that is OK with me - he'll be a very good workout for me!  It very well, I only rode at the walk, but Devan rode walk trot AND we had our first Canter today.

Here is a cute little video of Felix trotting - I like that he appears nice and relaxed in the back (note the swinging tail) even with Devan's weight on him.  Ignore the audio in the video, the father of the other young lady in the arena was trying to be funny.

I took some good pics of Devan riding as well, I am completely pleased that Felix is going so well after only a month of somewhat sporadic riding.  He's totally safe - though a bit balky, he'll get over this with more time I think.

It just shows how tough Fjords and crosses like Felix can be, he EASILY carries Devan's weight.  Many other pomies his hight are too delicate for a heavier/taller/adult rider, but even at only 13.3 Felix is perfectly comfy carrying a 6' tall man.  Of course, the taller you are, the better your riding skills and ballance must be, but Felix is happier then many large horses carrying similar weight.


  1. Felix looks adorable, if slightly silly with such a tall rider :P

  2. Yup :) Good thing I'm at LEAST a foot shorter then Devan!