Thursday, 4 August 2011

First time outside today.

We've had quite a bit of progress in the last few weeks since my last post, but I've been away so not here to see it untill today.

Things are coming along nicely with him, he's consistently W/T/C but is still a bit sluggish and balky, especially when tired.

I did get on him W/T a little today at the end of his ride, but didn't do much becuase he was quite sweaty and tired.

I'm going to be home for a while over the next few weeks, so I'll likely be riding as often as I can for the next few weeks, and hopefully there will be more updates.


  1. Go Felix! How bout a video?

  2. They're coming :) I did'nt have anyone to take pics yesterday, hopefully my next post will have some - providing my riding is not a total disaster, as untill I bought Felix I had been on riding hiatus for nearly a year and a half!