Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Improve your riding through better undergarments....

I’ve always been a naturally “over endowed” girl, I normally wear a 34DDD. 
Over Christmas I finally broke down and bought a couple of the Enell sports bras that have been highly recommended by the girls on COTH and a few other places. Managed to get a set of 2 on Ebay for $75, which is about half for reg. retail (yay!).
I’ve had about 4 rides in them since then – and they are absolutely AMAZING. The first lesson I had back there was a lot of “your upper body is much better today” from my coach. This was mostly because I was not hunching from the weight of the “girls”. It’s improved just about everything in my riding at least slightly, from my sitting trot, to jumping position, to hands and everything.
It’s not entirely sunshine and roses – the band felt a little restrictive when I first put it on, but they are actually supposed to fit that way. As I got used to the fit though I notice it less and less, so hopefully I’ll be able to make it all day at a show in it. It’s also not a fashion statement. You wouldn’t want to wear a V neck, and they do give you serious uniboob, but I’ll take both of these to improve my riding through better undergarments!
Anyways, just thought I’d share as the topic has come up on here a few times, and well no one else understands!
As a side note, I had a lesson this afternoon. It was very hectic because of school still being out for the kids, but I do think we had an OK ride even with all the spooking and nonsence. 

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