Sunday, 15 January 2012

Only a month away

Untill moving day for us! 

Felix will be going to Sandy's farm around the 15th of Febuary, which means we'll have acess to hacking again - YAY! It'll be nice to be in a quieter place with less lessons to work around and less unexpected noises outside the arena.

We had a good ride yesterday and today, in spite of it being absolutely frigid, I'm working out what he needs for a successful ride this time of year.

First of all - Longing is required. I THINK it's because since the ground froze they're not moving around as much, which adds to the kinda scary spring in his step if I try to just get on and ride as usual.
Second - There is no reason we have to use the whole arena.  If he's getting distracted by the stuff at the end of the ring, it is entirely OK to put him back to work by peeling off onto a circle, or cutting off the end all together, as long as it is done deliberately with nice bend, flexion, etc.

Anyways - this seems simple, but it's a breakthrough for me. 

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  1. I'm moving my horse back to my friend's barn on Febuary 15th as well! Happy hauling. :)