Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Maybe I have my good horse back?

I've been on and off traveling for work, so Felix has been in a holding pattern with 2 rides a week from my coach when I'm not around, and fairly light work when I am home.  Showing is probably not in the cards for the rest of this year, though now that I have started off on a new career it should be on track for the 2013 season.

He's slowly getting over his spooking issues that started this spring.  He still does a little bit in the indoor arena, mostly near the doors weather open or closed.  It's just a step or two towards the center of the ring, and a little bit if disconnect with the rider.  These "spooks" I have been just ignoring and pushing through, with focus on keeping him engaged the next time around.  The bad ones are the occasional small rear and attempt to change direction - these ones earn a spanking, as even if he is honestly scared it's hardly an appropriate reaction.

He will be getting his teeth done in a few weeks - we had to swap him over to a boucher in the meantime, which has completely fixed the headflipping that pointed to the tooth issue in the first place.

We've not jumped anything bigger then a small X or logs on the ground since June, because my legs are like limp noodles.

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