Sunday, 23 September 2012


Felix and I had a lesson last friday.  In a lot of ways it was great, and in others heartbreaking for me.

His dressage couldn't be better.   So long as I get my inside leg on enough, everything else just arrives. It's perfect. Also, we seem to be over the spooking nearly 100% now, which is good.

As for jumping - that's another story.  I know it's me - because he's capable.  I just am too nervous and choke up on the reins, which creates the overjumping problem I'm trying to avoid at best - but more often just causes him to slam on the brakes.   So, we've been demoted to poles and 6" high crossrails untill I'm comfortable with that and then we'll move on.  At some point I'm going to have to have a jumping lesson on one of the more trained jumpers in the barn, but for now it's endless small stuff - of every type. I'm going to make up some 6" high "flower boxes" and stuff over the winter - and we'll see how that goes. I have to admit I'm a bit frustrated and upset with myself for backsliding so much - but all I can do right now is carry on and fix it.


  1. I have been there done that. It will come along then a new issue will pop up. My new one is he won't take his left lead.. ever... with me. That is flying lead changes which will restrict me to the crossrail classes at shows. I am in my fiftys and I am competeing with children. He changes fine for other people so it is me. Heart breaking to get over the nervous, choke feeling and still be stalled at cross rails.