Monday, 25 February 2013

Outdoors in winter

For those of you who are in a warmer climate - I'm jealous.  I've been back home since the end of January, and have been averaging about 2 rides per week ever since.  Between the road conditions, the weather, the cold, and the snow crashing off the arena roof - it's been uninspiring.

This past week though, our barn owner had a track plowed in one of the spare paddocks, which has been a nice change.  The track was supposed to be an oval, but the person driving the plow managed to make it tear-drop shaped, which makes for interestingly placed transitions and bending questions - but all in all not so bad.  The footing is great with about 2" of loose snow over god knows how much packed snow/ice layers. 

So, being outside and letting Felix just go on a generally loose rein in case he does loose his footing has been nice, and given me a chance to play with things a little bit, mostly focusing on me - but we also did out first walk-canter transitions this week which were, I have to say pretty brilliant on his part - as well as canter transitions on straight lines and such.

Hopefully I'll have some more pictures at some point soon - I've been spending most of my barn time alone lately unfortunately.

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