Monday, 17 December 2012

Merry (horseless) Christmas

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted - lots of personal life stress, and trying to get established with a new job haven't left much space for blogging, and I've been off riding since the 2nd week in December, since I'm spending the month in FL working to try to keep board and car insurance paid for another few months till the new job stars paying off in the new year.

Up in Canada, the yucky season has started, and Felix's energy level has skyrocketed again.  Keeping him just a little over blanketed to keep his back warm helps a good deal - but it's an attest to my comfort with him. This is the 2nd winter we've been through together, so I know what to expect more now.  As per usual, longing is a dismal failure, so it's pretty well just get on and roll with whatever he wants to throw at the rider.

He's also a little more spooky in the winter, between the arena noises (thank you snow crashing off the roof at the exact wrong time!), and the imaginary boogeymen in the corners. 

Before I left, we were doing more jumping inside - and surprise surprise, he's been pretty much 100% fine again.  We're still doing small stuff, and he's still a little iffy with the scary stuff like planks, but it's getting better and my confidence is returning.

He's with Sandy now for the month, and I'm hoping she'll do some jumping with him while I'm away. She's only riding 2x a week, and being as she's a fair bit taller then I am she'd have trouble jumping anything too big with him, but little scary things and grids should be A-OK.

Anyhow, I'll be back in January, hopefully with a little less stress on my plate and back to posrting more interesting things!  Till then, have a great holiday no matter what you celebrate, and give your ponies a holiday treat for me!

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