Thursday, 28 April 2011

All aboard the Gelding Bus!

Gelding procedure went off without a hitch today.  The vet was a little concerned as one of the drugs they use to put the horse out can sometimes result in rearing first, and he's seen it do this more with ponies - but he just laid down without a problem.  He was up after the surgery very fast, within 10 minutes of the procedure finishing, which is also not uncommon with ponies - apperently they have a faster metabolisim.

I have to say, after all the "bad stallion" behavior I am quite gleeful that the surgery is over. 

I didn't take a bunch of graphic pictures of the surgery - If you want to see that there are plenty of step-by steps on google.  I am personally quite facinated by surgery, but I know not everyone is.  I did however take one picture post surgery:

A quick soapbox post from me here:
I absolutely cannot believe how many offers I've had to breed him to various mares in the 3 days I had him while he was intact!  He's lovely, but you would only get a "cute" heinz 57 pony/hony out of it. Not very marketable.  He already has 2 offspring ( a yearling filly, and another as yet unborn - they belong to his old owner).  If you're going to breed - you need to have a plan for the youngster's future.  Foals are expencive, and time consuming.  You might loose the mare in foaling.  Think before you breed guys!

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