Monday, 25 April 2011

Our first day.

Felix Came home today.  I've edited my posts to use his real name, we were not sure what to name him - but his old name was Jake, which had to go.  I had to convice my sister  that Thor is an inappropriate name for a pony we'd like to be calm, sweet, and gentle!  Felix is currently a very popular name in Norway, and it's a cute pony name - it means Lucky.

He loaded onto the trailer at 5AM like a total dream.  He had a 12 hour trailer ride, according to the shipper he was a very good boy  - but he came off the trailer as a total heathen.   We tried turning him out, but he was testing the fence so he’s in a stall overnight to settle in.   

Tomorrow I go pick up my old saddle off consignment, buy some ground driving reins and some cross ties and we’re going to get to work!  First step – stand tied and get groomed without killing me. As usual, some pictures were taken, so here we are!

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