Friday, 29 April 2011

The day after

The barn staff decided to turn Felix out with the youngsters that were gelded on the same day yesterday evening - but he's now back inside.  He was not trying to kill them, thankfully but they were worried he would fight through or over the fence, so now he's back in. The staff are giving him time in the arena to run around and keep the swelling off of his incision and sheath though.

A very good friend of mine who taught me nearly everything I know about training young horses met him the other day.  She is pretty impressed with him actually, she says he moves quite nicely - she wants to turn him into an FEI dressage pony and thinks he could be worth big bucks with training - so I guess I did OK for only a couple hundred dollars.  I don't really intend to sell him, but I guess everything is for sale at the right price.  I do like my horses to have some value just in case my curcumstances change and I can't keep them for some reason.  Gives them a better chance of a good home where they will be spoiled if I absolutely have to sell.

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