Saturday, 21 May 2011

Back to work

I'm back in Canada again, and glad to have my barn time even if Felix is still a rude little sucker.  I'm taking him out of his stall to tie in the isle now for grooming  -  mostly because a huge acomplishment has been made: the barn owners were able to get him turned out with a herd last week!  We finally have a happy arrangement. It's the broodmares, who look to have been teaching him manners. He's a bit scraped up, but I knew that would happen. 

According to the barn workers he is insisting on "playing stallion" with his new herd, fortunately they own the broodmares, and are not worried about it.  This should stop once his hormones calm down (he's been infertile since 3 days after the surgery, so no worres of unexpected fugly part-fjord's).  The girls are quite funny. They are very excited to get him back after he's come in for his grooming session.

I've decided that he needs to have the traditional fjord mane trim.  His mane is over 2" wide at the base, and will be next to impossible to pull - so step one is going to be clipping it right off.  He's pretty sure the clippers are going to eat him though, so we're going to have to work on some desensitization.

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