Saturday, 7 May 2011

Definitely might have made a mistake...

Not much to report this last week, partially because I've been out of town working.  I got back today only to find that the barn had attemped to turn Felix out with my friend Heather's fairly dominant horse.  It did not go well, Felix chewed up Monty pretty badly. Probably not the best idea on their part, as this horse was supposed to go to a new home, now he stays untill the damage heals (just superficial fortunately).

I did try to lead him over to the arena for a run around yesterday, it did NOT go well. He ran around me in circles like a mad idiot.  Needs some work on his ground manners quite badly, but to be honest he scares me when he's like this. 

He's doing fairly well with being moved from stall to stall, and I am going in for grooming regularly.  Working on picking up his 9 months overdue for a trim feet so the farrier (also the barn owner) is willing to work on them.  First time I tried he bit me, so now I am sporting a nice pony-teeth shaped bruise just below my bra strap. Now I know not to trust investigating pony lips!  The front feet are pretty good to pick up though - will get to trying the backs another day once he starts calming down.

His incisions from surgery are healing normally, although his sheath is pretty swollen.  This looks normal according to the vet and the farm workers, and it shrinks every day.  I'll be going away again for 10 days or so for work again, so Felix will just get a bunch of settle-in time without any harassment from me.

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