Thursday, 22 September 2011

First long trail ride!

Yesterday Felix, myself, Heather and Rio trailered out to a nearby forest for a trail ride day.

Both horses are rather young, but Rio has been out on her own a few times and has proven to be very steady, so she was our fearless leader for the day.  They both got on the trailer with no drama at all, and we arrived at the forest 20 minutes later without incident.  Felix was absolutely drenched in sweat coming off the trailer - no great surprise considering he'd only ever been trailered twice before, and both of those for long-haul moves, so I can't blame him for being nervous and concerned.

Tacked up, no problems - he was a little more wound up, but no worse then riding him outside at the farm. Crossed the train tracks without a flick of an ear, and away we went.  He was a little joggy, being as he has short legs and Rio is huge, so he didn't want to be left behind!   Crossed the water, ate some grass on the move (I want to try him in a hackamore so he can eat on the go for long rides like this), watched Heather's Jack Russel run through the forest and pop back onto the trails.   It was like he'd been doing this all his life.  I started the day putting on my crash vest "just in case" and ended it mosying along the trail with my feet out of the stirrups and him on the buckle.  Now he's redeemed himself as being worth the money I've put into him so far!

End of the day we got right back on the trailer without a hitch, and made it home before the rain started. Fantastic day, I'm thrilled!  Can't wait the Pinto Club trail ride on the 2nd! (Yes, Felix is an honorary Pinto now - lol).

Today, my back muscles hurt like CRAZY.  Don't ever take a year off riding, you'll regret it later.  This is the part where I learn that "core" muscles really does mean back too, and it's not really my abs I need to work on (accepting suggestions of good back excersizes!).


  1. Go Felix! That's fantastic. My mare was (scratch that; is) very god out on the trails, except for her habit of aimlessly wandering off the path. I've never met a horse that hacks out as well as she does though.

  2. Sorry, I forgot an alone in that last sentence; it should read "hacks out alone as well as she does"

  3. Isn't it awesome when you get a horse that is exactly the SAME off property as they are at home? We've all known "that horse" whio is a total doll at home and then hell on wheels when taken to a show or fun ride, I can tell you it's just no fun to have a horse you can't simply expect to behave the same at all times.