Thursday, 1 September 2011

Happy September!

We've had an interesting couple of days.   Felix had 4 days off over the past weekend due to a schooling show at the barn while I was away working.  I came home Wednesday, and decided that it might be a good time to try longing before riding.

Going to the left, he was a total pro.  Went to turn around and the desaster began.  He just did not know what the heck I wanted, so was just going into an eternal turn on the forehand.  Finally after about 5 minutes of this, he was just getting upset and I could not work out how to properly communicate that I wanted him to go to the right exactly the same as the other way. At this point I put him back out to the left, and ended when he was good there.  I did get on for a few minutes of walk - but the flies were super awful, so we gave up.

Today I got my friend Connie out to meet him.  She is totally in love, and will probably be riding him consistently for me.  She spent a lot of time in the H/J world, and would like to try out some dressage and eventing.  I want her as my rider to show off Felix to his full potential in the Sport Pony Star-Search classes that the NASPR puts on.  Connie looks very esthetic up there, so I feel like I should have a rider like her who can show him off.

One day I am going to have to get a super snazzy camera for the action shots of him!


  1. He looks adorable. I can't help but think he'd make an awesome dressage pony. If the h/j world doesn't suit him, that is.

  2. Thanks Kate! His movement gets better and better every day. I am actually an Eventer myself, so he's definitely getting dressage training. My goal for him is to be able to do well as a H/J pony, or pure dressage pony so he has a higher value - not because I want to sell, but because I want him to have value in case I have to sell him down the road.