Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lots of goings on this week.

Felix and I trailered out for another ride on Monday - we had a blast. Great day, great horses.  The only interesting moment was when we were going through a swampy area and Rio who is supposed to be a fearless leader decided that the very large snapping turtle crossing the trail was a big scary dinosaur and she spent the rest of the day very concerned there would be another scary scary turtle lurking in wait for her!

He had a lesson with Shauna on Tuesday, and we worked on some jumping of crossrails yesterday.  He's been such a star lately I'm finding it rough to find things to talk about. When I first started this blog - being as he was a pretty rank little dude when I got him I was expecting to have a lot more training hurdles to overcome, which might have made for an interesting read.  Not that I'm not thrilled that he has come along so well, because believe me - I am.  We're actually looking very good for hsi eventing debut in the spring the way things are going right now.

However, we can't speak too soon - because we are coming to our last 2 days of paid training, and he'll be mostly mine and Connie's from here on out.

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