Wednesday, 8 June 2011

For today's trick - bathing.

It was 90 degrees out today, and super humid.  This resulted in one sweaty pony when we were done working today.  So, I hand the lead over to Heather, and she procedes to hose him down.  After a lovely display of "airs above the ground" he finally realizes that the water is probably not going to kill him.  He's still a little concerned - but we have a hot summer ahead - so he needs to get used to it!

I also picked up all his feet today.  He still fusses with the backs, but there is no badness such as kicking or leaning - so I am hopeful I can get him to stand for his hoof trimming sometime this week.  His front feet need trimming again anyways, so we'll have to try for all 4 this time.

I was talking to Devon today - he is the guy who will be doing Felix's first 30 or so rides - and he told me he'd happily try to ride Felix right now, so I'm going to have him sceduled to be started under saddle starting July 1st.  I am tempted to try to do it myself, but I'm a very rusty rider so this is a bad idea.

On another note, I rode for the first time in around a year today. It was 5 minutes on Heather's new horse Orio, and it was great!  Orio is a fantastic horse, made all the more fantastic because she's only 4!

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