Monday, 6 June 2011

The progress continues

The long lining has continued all this time, with it only getting better and better.  The first few days Heather worked with him, he was doing a lot of fighting, and did manage to pull so much he scuffed the hair off his nose with the noseband.  She handed it over to me a couple of days before I went away for work - and he's been better and better every day.  Today Shauna even worked with him a little - and he was good for her too.

Last week I was working 12 hour days, so he only got work once every 2-3 days. The first day on the week I worked was at night, and he was not thrilled about being off-scedule, but by the 2nd 9:30pm work he was just fine.

I figured out why his back feet did not get done - he picks them up, but then yanks them away. We're going to have to work on this more. 

Today after our work was over Shauna was with us so we broke out  the clippers to try and give him a bridle path.  At first he was bouncing up and down, trying to get away, but Shauna held his head and I clipped. After the first pass he calmed right down, and happily had his head rubbed and ate treats while I hogged the WHOLE MANE!!  There was an impressive pile of hair when I was done.  He now looks like a potential show pony, except he needs to put on about 50 lbs now. He was in good weight when he came, but running the fence line and acting crazy has caused his weight to drop a bit.  For the moment, he's out on green pasture so I'm not all that worried - we might have to add some fat-n-fiber to his diet soon if the weight does not come back up though.

I realize I probably have not told you WHO Shauna is. She's my 19 year old sister, and half-owner of Felix.  She's an incredible calming influence on him, so I think I'll keep her!

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