Friday, 10 June 2011

A word on being the entertainment for the whole barn

This is really to funny not to share, happened about 3 weeks ago, of course in front of a barn full of boarders, the vet, and all the staff.

Felix lives with the broodmares at the farm. Which means he's in the paddock for horses that don't get out much - except for him.  The gate is at the bottom of a hill, and we have had a super wet spring here in our part of Ontario. 

Untill he was turned out, I did not own a pair of rubber boots. I'd been lucky enough over the last 4 years or so to have the dryest paddock on the farm bestowed upon my old mare - so didn't really ever go anywhere that my paddock boots couldn't handle.  So, I find an older pair that has been floating around the house for a while.  They must be a size 9 or 10, and I normally wear a 7.

Anyways, so the paddock where Felix is turned out is pretty deep in mud right next to the gate. This must be walked through to go catch him.  It's spring shots day for the barn, and I go out to get him.  On the way out to get him, boots get stuck several times and threaten to come off, but I unstick them and carry on.  Felix gets caught, and fortunately is having a good day as far as being led goes.  Then, about 2 steps into the mud puddle I sink nearly to the knee, take one more step with my back foot and then the momentum of normal walking catches up with me, and I fall over into the mud puddle.  I try to unstick the boots with very little luck.

At this point I abandon the boots, put my socks in my already mud-filled pocket, and lead Felix up to the barn.  He gets handed over to one of the barn workers, as at this point I am covered to the hip in mud, and leading an unruly still-thinks-he's-a-stallion pony, so the safest thing to do was just to get someone else to take over.  Not that he was being bad, it was 100% my own clumsy fault in fact!

I probably explain what happened to half a dozen people before my boots are retrieved from the paddock, Felix is back out and the vet is paid.  Everyone gets a good laugh at my expence, including me!  I remove jeans before driving home barefoot in my underwear.  Fortunately do not get pulled over by the cops and have to explain to them why I am driving in no pants.

In conclusion - any time you're having a slightly embarassing day at the barn, at least this didn't happen to you.  Also, properly fitted muck boots are worth their weight in gold.

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